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Scattered Melodies

by Ash Cooke



I'm an improvising guitar player interested in the relationship between visual art and music and the perceived interplay between consonance & dissonance

Both an “automatic” drawing of twisting and interlacing lines or an explosive cluster of guitar notes to my mind allow ideas in the subconscious mind to express, or at least suggest themselves to the consciousness. From this mass of shapes and energies an idea is selected and brought forward to full growth and power. By these means it seems to suggest that the depths of memory can be drawn upon and the springs of instinct tapped.

These works are like maps, contours, mnemonic aids. Tools for self-development

I’m also interested in the emotional effects of the sound combinations I make and especially the conflict of consonance versus dissonance. In art, paint has no boundaries or rules, after all it’s just paint. It mixes with whatever it comes into contact with and the colours produced are rarely judged as being wrong or right.

Why can’t this be said of sound and specifically the sound of the guitar?
A musical event is an un-sculpted block of time. It’s a journey in much the same way as life is a journey. To be successful a musical journey needs a context or a resonant point of departure: an imaginary springboard from which to launch. Establishing this context requires thought, research, feeling and an understanding of one’s self. It also requires a certain amount of personal faith in the improvising process and the presence of an overarching philosophy that underpins a person’s approach to playing
Freely improvised music doesn't revolve around a tonal center or present a clear melodic, harmonic, or rhythmic structure. Therefore, as a player I find that I need to draw upon a vocabulary that is as unique as the music itself in order to achieve a level of playing that lets in the musical imperative.


released March 3, 2021


all rights reserved



Ash Cooke Wales, UK

Ash Cooke is an internationally recognised improvising guitarist and artist from North Wales.

Initially making his name in the 90’s Welsh band Derrero Ash has spent the last 20 years steadily building a reputation as an experimental musician and visual artist.

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